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Plans that suits you best

CENTAGATE CLOUD provides affordable, cost-effective plans according to your requirement whether you are an individuals, small or big enterprise. Choose yours and get all secured.


$0per month
single company
up to 100 users
5 apps
single group
community support


$2per month
single company
min 10 users
100 apps
100 groups
8/5 remote support


$Xper month
multi companies
min 100 users
unlimited apps
unlimited groups
24/7 remote support

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Unit Price (USD)
Additional log retentions 30 days
$5 / month
Additional SMS (Combine limit for all users, no expire date)
100 credits
$20 / order
1000 credits
$150 / order
Addition 1000 transactions per month
$10 / month

Optional Hardware Token

Unit Price (USD)
Time Based OTP Token
$10.00 $12.50
FIDO2 Token (button) – type A USB
$10.80 $13.50
FIDO2 Token (fingerprint) – type A USB
$52.00 $65.00
FIDO2 Token (fingerprint) – type C USB
$52.00 $65.00
FIDO2 Token (fingerprint + BLE) – type A USB
$96.00 $120.00

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