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Key Features

All you need to know about CENTAGATE CLOUD is here. What it has, what it can do and how your credentials are protected.

Multifactor authentication

The three common authentication factors are something you know, something you have and something you are. In CENTAGATE CLOUD, combination of these authentication factors can be enforced to protect your applications from authorization access.

Adaptive authentication

The assurance level of every authentication event is measured and quantified via the use of context-aware behavioral analytics. Customizable security policies can be enforced to ensure your applications will be only accessed when a certain identity assurance level is reached.

Passwordless authentication

With the availability of multi-factor authentication, CENTAGATE CLOUD allows your organization to implement passwordless authentication in a secure yet convenient manner. Your users will no longer be required to remember long and complex passwords.

Instead, our companion mobile authenticator applications can be used to generate various forms of single-use tokens for your users to authenticate themselves to CENTAGATE CLOUD.

Integrated FIDO2 server

With CENTAGATE FIDO2 server, we are proud of being the first vendor from Southeast Asia to achieve FIDO2 certification in server implementation. The relevant technology has been blended into CENTAGATE CLOUD to allow implementation of passwordless authentication with the use of public key cryptography and local authentication in a FIDO2 authenticator.

Single sign on

Single Sign On or SSO is implemented in CENTAGATE CLOUD via the use of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0. This allows our users to seamless access various integrated applications without needing to repeatedly authenticate themselves, resulting in better user experience and improved productivity at work.

Comprehensive dashboard

CENTAGATE CLOUD provides a comprehensive dashboard which allows your system administrators to have a holistic overview on the account information and activity data related to your organization. As a result, prudent account maintenance decisions can be made to minimize disruption of authentication service to your users.

Besides, abnormalities in authentication events can also be promptly identified and investigated to reduce the possibility of a security breach.

Map authentication report

Provides authentication information from around the world which includes who they are, their location and also the authentication date and time. This enables the viewer to identify any unusual activity for further action.

Geolocation of authentication events

In CENTAGATE CLOUD, your users will be able to visualize the time and locations of their previous authentication events in the form of an interactive geographical map. With this feature, any unusual authentication activity can be spotted at ease and subsequently reported to your system administrators.

How it works

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